Flannel Polar-fleece Blanket of High Quality Polyester Fiber Soft and Warm 200g/㎡
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As a household product, the Flannel Blanket serves and provides huge values for humanity integrating many factors together like fashion, warmth, softness and comfort. It's not only a symbol of nobility but also the agent of comfortable life keeping out coldness. It's made of selected high quality fiber that assures a good reputation and excellent user's experience.

High quality polyester fiber and fine fabric density.
Soft, absolutely warm and comfortable.
Ensure good sleep in night.
Noble and fashionable design.
Strong and durable fiber.
Smooth and skin friendly.
Air permeable.
Dampproof and waterproof, excellent anti-dust performance, non-fading.
Eco-friendly with low methanol, low pH and no fluorescer.

Dyeing process: reactive print
Fabric material: polyester fiber
Product standard: FZ/T 61002-2006
Security level: GB18401-2010(B)
Color: 17 colors(optional)
Product weight: 500g / 1.1lb(120 * 200cm), 650g / 1.4lb(150 * 200cm), 800g / 1.8lb(180 * 200cm), 960g / 2.1lb(200 * 230cm)
Package weight: 520g / 1.1lb(120 * 200cm), 670g / 1.5lb(150 * 200cm), 820g / 1.8lb(180 * 200cm), 980g / 2.2lb(200 * 230cm)
FAW: 200g/㎡
Product size: S(120 * 200cm / 47.2 * 78.7in), M(150 * 200cm / 59 * 78.7in), L(180 * 200cm / 70.9 * 78.7in), XL(200 * 230cm / 78.7 * 90.6in)(optional)
Package size: 30 * 27 * 10cm / 11.8 * 10.6 * 3.9in

Note: Before the first use, it's normal to find some fine hair on the blanket which can be removed by simple wash.

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1 * Flannel Blanket
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