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1. Silicone material, ultra-thin and soft.
2. Protective cover is good-looking, dust-proof and dirty-proof.
3. Reserve charging interface, no need to disassemble when charging, convenient and fast.
4. Fashion design, carabiner for Anti-loss, easy to carry.
5. Suitable for AirPods 1 & 2
6. Weight: 42.3g
7. Earphones are not included


1. Personality, fashion, creativity, simulation prop design.
2. The received signal is good.
3. It can fully protect the equipment from normal scratches, dirt, tearing and abrasion.
4. All buttons and ports are easy to access.
5. It has good performance and can be used for a long time.


1. Personality, fashion, creativity, simulation prop design.
2. The received signal is good.
3. It can fully protect the equipment from normal scratches, dirt, tearing and abrasion.
4. All buttons and ports are easy to access.
5. It has good performance and can be used for a long time.


1. Weight: about 400 g
2. Voltage: 5 v
3. Dimensions: 21 x 12 cm
4. Function: Create atmosphere, relieve eye fatigue, improve sleep quality
5. Power supply mode: USB charging
6. Rated power: 10w
7. Massage principle: vibration + hot compress
8. Battery capacity: 1200 mah
9. Features: One-key start, carbon fiber hot compress directly to the eye area, dual-motor multi-frequency vibration massage, imitating fingertip massage


1. Water bottle capacity: 210ml
2. Weight: 330g
3. Outer box size: 260x131x104 mm
4. Water bottle size: 133x60x83 mm
5. Material: napkin box ABS, water bottle PP/PET
6. Suitable paper towel size: 150mm/126mm


1. Material: titanium steel
2. Bluetooth headset anti-lost chain
3. Strong magnetic storage to prevent slipping
4. 6mm precise hole position, silicone elastic sleeve head
5. Can be attached to the neck when not in use
6. Weight: 18.5 grams
7. Dimensions: overall length 71 cm, chain length 67 cm


1. Material: ceramic
2. Smooth and round, comfortable to hold
3. Chicken mouth design, easy to separate
4. Sharp tip, easy to beat eggs, not easy to dirty hands
5. Scope of application: dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven
6. Weight: 111.8g
7. Size: 6.5x5 cm


1. Material: polyester, ABS, copper wire, insulating paint (polyurethane enameled wire)
2. Function: charging + transmission, lanyard, tape measure
3. Weight: about 20g
4. Current: 5V-1.5A
5. Total length: 85 cm
6. Features: One-line multi-purpose, illustration design, compact and portable, over-current protection


1. Material: ABS
2. The 5-piece set includes: a wash cup, two bottles, a comb, a mirror
3. Only the size of a mineral water bottle, easy to carry and go out without taking up space
4. Partition storage, clean and tidy to avoid cross infection
5. Single cylinder 60ml, can be taken on the plane
6. Sealed and leak-proof, will not stain the suitcase
7. 1.5 cm water injection port for sub-bottling, convenient for filling
8. With a 9 cm straw, it goes straight into the bottom of the bottle without wasting lotion
9. Weight: about 230 grams
10. Size: 20x6.8 cm


1. Weight: 190g
2. Audio channel: 5.1
3. Material: ABS plastic + electroplating
4. Battery capacity: 400mAh
5. Frequency response range: 50Hz-20KHz
6. Output power: 3W
7. Signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 90dB
8. Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery
9. Size: 9.5x5x7cm
10. Play time: 2 hours
11. Bluetooth version: 4.1
12. Number of speakers: 1
13. Effective distance: 10 meters
14. Bluetooth protocol: 5.0
15. Charging time: 2-3 hours
16. Function: insert card, remote control, waterproof, radio, dustproof, anti-drop, voice prompt, call function


1. Strap material: The surface is made of high-quality glitter material, and the inside is high-grade two-layer cowhide
2. Neat lines and fine oily edges
3. Comfortable to wear
4. Easy to install, will not cause damage to the watch
5. Easy to adjust the length to fit your wrist
6. Bowknot design, stylish and beautiful
7. Note: The product only has a strap, not the main body


. Product model 2580u3
2. Product material PC material
3. Product color transparent
4. Product size: 128mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 14mm (H)
5. Main control scheme: ns1068x and jms578
6. Output interface USB3.0 micro-b
7. Transmission rate: 5Gbps
8. USB type-A to micro-b, 0.5m
9. Support capacity up to 4TB
10. Installation method: tool free, sliding cover disassembly and assembly
11. Support system: Windows / Mac OS / Linux


1. Capacity: 500mL
2. Material: ABS, PC, silicone, stainless steel
3. Weight: 800 g
4. Function: Juicing, dry grinding, stirring
5. Features: Lightweight and portable, three-dimensional blade, safety and health, sealed and water-proof
6. Dimensions: 8.3 x 21 cm
7. Power supply: USB charging / built-in lithium battery
8. Notes on charging:
1. After the juicer cup is out of power, please turn off the switch first, then connect the charging cable, the red light is displayed, and it enters the charging state (if the switch is not turned off, the battery will be automatically protected, resulting in failure to charge, and the blue light will be displayed )
2. It is not allowed to squeeze juice while charging, wait for the blue light to be displayed before turning on the switch; then turning on the switch to squeeze juice will greatly extend battery life.


1. Input voltage and current: 9V-2A/5V-2A
2. Output voltage and current: 9V 1A/5V 1A (wireless charging)
3. Output power (wireless charging): 10W (maximum)
4. Conversion efficiency: greater than 70%
5. Charging distance: 2-8mm
6. Lamp holder lighting power: 1.5W
7. Color temperature: 2800K-5500K
8. Lamp material: ABS+PC
9. Three color temperature: positive white light, warm white light, mixed light
10. Applicable models: devices with built-in wireless charging receiver and supporting wireless fast charging function, models that do not support wireless charging
11. Can be used with wireless charging receivers. (Not included)
12. Dimensions: base width 125 mm, length 146 mm, total height 224mm
13. Product size: 22.4x14.6x12.5cm


1. Capacity: 280mL
2. Material: Stainless steel
3. Weight: 250 g
4. Voltage: DC 5V
5. Power: 7 W
6. Dimensions: 7.6 x 17 cm
7. Features: Intelligently adjust acidity, easy to clean, safe and environmentally friendly materials, durable, multi-purpose in one machine
8. Power supply mode: USB charging


1. Keyboard, mouse interface: USB
2. Adopt compact key arrangement, effectively save space
3. Plug and play, no need to install drivers
4. Ergonomic design, comfortable to use
5. 2.4GHz wireless technology has strong anti-interference ability
6. The mouse is accurately positioned at 1600DPI and can be used on leather, cloth, paper, wood resin and other surfaces
7. Number of keyboard keys: 84
8. System requirements: Windows XP/Win7/8/10
9. Keyboard size: 345x135x35mm, mouse size: 96x76x40mm

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