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Selfie Light
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1. Light supplement lamp can also be used as a mobile phone holder.
2. Light color temperature: cold white light, warm light, neutral light.
3. Battery capacity: 500mAh.
4. Charging time: 1h.
5. Duration: 20h for low brightness and 1.5h for high brightness.

1.18*18 LED lamp beads, soft and not glare, show the skin bright andtender.
2.Three block filling liaht,beauty better cooperate to adjust at different scene.
3.0.5-1 hour of use, go out with you, dont worry about beauty issues.



1. Material: PC + ABS (lamp circle radian)
2. Batteries: Built-in 200 mAh batteries
3. Components: 36 imported reinforced LED lamps
4. Lighting: White light 5500K-7000K
5. Gear: Three-gear Lighting Adjustment
6. Product size: 85*85*25mm
7. Small size, easy to carry, easy to use


Product model: XWJ-D21C
Power: 15W or so
Interface: 1/4 screw hole
Light size: 18*18*2.5CM
Net weight: 485 grams
Power cord: about 200CM
Power mode: USB power supply
Brightness adjustment: multi-range adjustment
Number of beads: 72
Light: white light, warm light, cold and warm light
Colour: Black

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