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1. The refill is made of gold-plated material, soft and round, smooth and unobstructed, and the writing will not damage the screen.
2. Actively simulate magnetic field of the human body, and the mark is accurate.
3. No need for Bluetooth connection, press the power switch to use.
4. If not used for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off the power and turn off the power to prevent power loss.
5. Open the rear magnetic cap and plug in the cable to charge.
6. Battery life is strong, charging for 1 hour, continuous use for 12 hours, standby time up to 30 days.
7. Applicable to all Android & iOS full capacitive screen devices.

1. Material: Aluminum alloy pen, pure copper nib (pen tip with protective film does not hurt the screen).
2. Product Process: CNC piano paint.
3. Product diameter: 9mm.
4. Tip diameter: 1.5mm.
5. Product length: 173mm.
6. Net weight: about 35.3g.
7. Effective distance: 1.6mm from the tip of the pen.
8. Lithium polymer battery capacity: 140mAh.
9. Voltage and current: 5V/0.2A.
10. Charging interface: Micro USB.


1. Fashion and laconic Rectangular shape design, full of modern feel.
2. Constructed with aluminum alloy casing, high quality and durable.
3. Bluetooth Music/TF Card Music/Exterior Music Aux-in Supported.
4. Stereo and Bass Sound Effect,Selfie function
5. 110dBA high volume tailored speaker, with full low pitch and resonant high pitch, offering enhanced mobile video and music experience for you anytime.


1. Modern appearance, pleased to your eyes
2. Bluetooth V4.1 technology, up to 10m transmission distance.
3. Built-in Microphone: Supports hands-free calls.
4. Support TFcard music playback, plug and play.
5. Support AUX Audio & FM.


1. Bluetooth version: 4.2
2. Power interface: micro
3. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
4. Play mode: AUX-Lin, Bluetooth, U disk, memory card
5. With dual speaker design, high fidelity output, restore the scene-like listening
6. Small and light, one hand can hold
7. 360-degree stereo sound, better bass performance and powerful
8. 3.5mm audio interface is wired and connected, no music output device is required, and music can be played.
9. Up to 6 hours of use
10. Not only can charge, innovative use of detachable battery design
11. The horn adopts the modern bionic design concept, with a breathing light inside, which can change according to the frequency of music.


1. Portable design, easy to operate and convenient to carry.
2. Fashion and simple design.
3. Up to 10-30m transmission distance.
4. Support TF card playback, support Hands-free Calls & Charging.
5. bluetooth 4.0 technology allows wirelessly stream high-quality sound for listening experience both indoors and outdoors.


1. Add the luminous design
2. Unique material formula, good elasticity, light, thick and anti-fall
3. All buttons and ports are easy to access
3. External anti-skid and seismic texture design, strengthen anti-drop, internal imitation sports sole texture design, effective against impact
5. The inner side of the frame adopts balanced symmetrical diamond-shaped raised texture to prevent falling


1. Unique woven texture design, highlighting the atmosphere,;
2. Unique camera protection design, back ventilation design, improve mobile phone performance;
3. TPU material, soft and not deformed.
4. All buttons and ports are easy to access.
5. It fully protects the equipment from general scratches, dirt, tears and abrasion.


1. Piano painting process, perfect combination with glass, premium design.
2. Ultra-thin design, perfect assembly, flexibility and no deformation.
3. The semi-covered lens opening of the glass piece is designed to effectively protect the lens.
4. Easy, comfortable and easy to carry.
5. All buttons and ports are easy to access.
6. The received signal is good.


1. Four-corner anti-fall, matte anti-slip side, anti-sweating, thin and light
2. Certified environmentally friendly materials, no harm to the machine, long-lasting use
3. All-inclusive protection, perfect fit, shockproof, drop-proof, scratch-resistant
4. All buttons and ports are accessible
5. Easy, comfortable and easy to carry
6. Material: TPU


1. The case can fit your phone well and make a great difference on protecting your phone from scratch, shock, slip and so on.
2. All buttons and ports are accessible.
3. Made of TPU material, and it is durable.
4. It is an affordable product. A very suitable price had been set for the case.
5. it is unnecessary for you to take it off once your phone puts it on because it is quite thin and light.


1. Concise. It is simply shaped and turned to leave a pure and comfortable impression on everybody.
2. Functional. The case can fit your phone well and make a big difference on protecting your phone from scratch, shock, slip and so on.
3. Convenient. All buttons and ports are accessible.
4. Durable. With good performance and high quality, it may work for a long time.
5. Cost-effective. A very suitable price have been set for the case. It is an affordable product.