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1. Portable photography Light
2. 120 bright light beads
3. Stepless dimming
4. Type-c charging
5. Built-in 3100 mAh lithium battery
6. Dimensions: 107x67x16mm
7. Product weight: 0.287kg
8. Dimmable, color adjustable, with independent power supply, adjustable brightness


1. Material: ABS
2. Portable
3. Double color temperature
4. Dimmable, color adjustable, brightness adjustable
5. Equipped with independent power supply
6. Dimensions: 10.5x8x4cm
7. Product weight: 0.12kg
8. Thickened soft light baffle, direct shot without dazzling
9. Built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery, Type-c charging
10. 81 selected lamp beads


1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Portable photography Light
3. Dimmable, color adjustable, brightness adjustable
4. Equipped with independent power supply
5. Dimensions: 145x73x10mm
6. Product weight: 190g
7. Add overclocking mode
8. 18 light effects
9. Built-in 4500 mAh lithium battery
10. Charging interface type: Type-c


1. Power: 20W
2. Color temperature range: 2600-12000K
3. lux: 2960LUX (0.5 meters)
4. Charging interface: Type-C 5V 90V
5. Battery capacity: 7.4V 3200 mA
6. Full power usage time: 165 minutes/105 minutes
7. Brightness adjustment range: 0-100
8. LED life: 50000 hours
9. RGB color gamut: 0-360 degree full color
10. Body material: Aviation aluminum
11. Color rendering index: Greater than 97
12. Heat dissipation form: Metal natural heat dissipation
13. TLCI: Greater than 96
14. Body size: About 125.6x80x31 mm
15. Weight: 370 grams

1. High display LED screen, all settings, parameters, power, and color adjustment are clear at a glance
2. Does the fuselage use aviation aluminum, with a brushed surface design, which is more textured?
3. 316 high luminous efficiency lamp beads, using 176 warm white two-color SMD lamp beads and 140 RGB lamp beads
4. After being folded, it is as small as the palm of the hand and can be easily placed in your pocket, pocket, bag
5. 12 kinds of RGB color-changing light effects, more than 36,000 colors, 0-360 degree color cycle, and a variety of color changes to enrich your choice
6. Not afraid of frequent folding, flexible and durable
7. Ultra-wide color temperature range, covering cold light/white light/warm light, giving you more lighting atmosphere choices

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